Sookyoung Huh



The Bird Catcher together with Björn Larsson

STEN BERGMAN PROJECT (Part I) Gallery Jinsun 2010

This artistic project addresses the legacy of Sten Bergman, one of Sweden’s greatest travel writers, explorers and zoologists.

Bergman (1895-1975) was author of several popular zoological and ethnographic studies based on fieldwork in Korea, Papua New Guinea and Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East. His first major publication In Korean Wilds and Villages (1938) was based on two years research in the northern part of Korea undertaken between 1935-1937. Korea was under Japanese colonial rule.

This project begins to explore how both Nature and ‘other’ societies are filtered through cultural lenses.

In Korean Wilds and Villages was a considerable success for Bergman. In was translated into English and published by the Travel Book Club, who had discovered a mass market of arm-chair explorers.


 STEN BERGMAN PROJECT (Part 2) An Uncommon Past New Media Centre in China